Some Math Stuff

  • Conjecture + Proof = Theorem - a presentation about mathematical conjectures, proofs and theorems. I gave this presentation multiple times to the 5th grade honors math classes in Holmdel.
  • Alexa OEIS-Skill - an Alexa skill that allows Amazon Echo users to access the On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences (OEIS).
  • Some integer sequences that I contributed to the On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences (OEIS):
    • - Fibonacci numbers that are the product of other Fibonacci numbers. This sequence was one of the three winners of the 2014 OEIS contest for best new integer sequence.
    • - Reusable Paper Tape Numbers: Maximum number of symbols that can be encoded on an n-hole paper tape, such that a used paper tape can always be reused at least once.
    • - Squarefree values of n for which the quadratic field Q[ sqrt(n) ] possesses a norm-Euclidean ideal class. Based on the research of Kelly Emmrich and Clark Lyons.
    • - Numbers k such that the trajectory of 3k + 1 under the '3x + 1' map reaches k.