Instructions for Bobble

Bobble Basics

Two 5-letter words have been randomly scrambled into the 10 letters in the blue boxes (i.e., the topmost row of boxes). Your mission is to unscramble the 10 letters back into the two original 5-letter words. The two rows of green boxes (i.e., the 2nd and 3rd rows of boxes) represent the two original 5-letter words.

When you click/tap on a blue box, the letter will be moved to the next empty green box, and the blue box will become gray. (Bob L. named this game 'Bobble' because letters bobble between the blue row and the green rows as you play the game.)

Each day, there are three new puzzles with increasing difficulty (i.e., Easy, Medium, and Hard). When you solve the Easy puzzle, you can move on to the Medium puzzle. When you solve the Medium puzzle, you can move on to the Hard puzzle.

For each puzzle, there is only one pair of words that solves it.

If you add Bobble to your Home Screen on your phone/tablet, then Bobble will be a mobile web app that can be played even when you can't connect to the Internet.

The link for Bobble is

If you have any feedback or questions, please send an email to <name_of_game> (where '<name_of_game>' is 'bobble').


The game tracks your streak for each level of difficulty. For example, if you solve the Easy puzzle four days in a row, then your Easy streak will be 4 days.

If you miss a day of Bobble, your streaks will not be affected.

If you click the 'I Give Up' button twice, your streaks for the current level and any higher level(s) will be reset to zero days.

The White Buttons

If you click/tap on a letter in a blue box and realize that it was a mistake, you can undo it by clicking/tapping on the white 'Undo Letter' button. You can click/tap on the white 'Undo Letter' multiple times to undo your most recent clicks/taps on blue boxes. Also, you can erase all the letters in the green boxes by clicking/tapping on the white 'Reset Puzzle' button.

If you want to re-scramble the 10 letters in the top row, click/tap the white 'Rescramble' button.

If you click/tap the 'I Give Up' button twice, then the solution will be displayed and you won't be able to play the game again until the next day. If you give up on today's Medium puzzle, then your Medium and Hard streaks will be reset to zero days and you won't be able to play today's Hard puzzle.

Word List

If you guess a word that is not in Bobble's word list, then you'll see a red error message (e.g., "ZYPRE is not in the word list").

The Bobble word list includes common 5-letter American English words; note that the word list does not include plurals (e.g., "BIRDS"), proper nouns, or obscene/offensive words.

Guess List

When you guess a word that is in Bobble's word list, the word will be added to the Guess List below the white buttons. The words in the Guess List are sorted and include no duplicates. The Guess List can have at most 29 words.


A big thanks to following semi-anonymous folks for their valuable input and encouragement: Lisa L., Clark L., Mike L., June L., Liza A., Dee W., John W., Jon B., Cronder C., Andy F., Forte S., and Jim A.


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